Are you local?

Yes. Best Hands roofing Contractors of Colorado Springs LLC is a local roofing company serving El Paso, Teller, Douglas, and Elbert Counties and the entire Front Range. Our office is centrally located in the Colorado Springs area.

Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau?

Yes. We are a member of the Southern Colorado BBB and have an A+ rating.

Are you insured?

Yes. We have all the required Liability Insurances.

Are you licensed?

Yes. We are licensed in El Paso, Teller and Elbert Counties as well as throughout the Denver Metro area. We pull all required permits with the appropriate building departments on all of our re-roof projects along with all required inspections.

What is your labor warranty?

Our labor warranty is for 5 years of labor and workmanship.

My Insurance Company told me I must get 3 qualified bids for my re-roofing. Is this correct?

The Colorado Revised Statutes are very specific about what an insurance company or its adjustors must or must not do. You must be provided with a written copy of their estimate which includes the settlement. This estimate is based without you getting outside bids and they must inform you that you may use any repair business of your choosing. For a complete list of the summary of the Colorado Revised Statute 10-4-120 visit

How long does it take to complete a re-roof?

Most re-roofs are completed in one day.

Do you tear off the old shingles when you do a re-roof?

Yes, we remove all layers of shingles on every re-roof. Some manufacturers will not warranty roofs that has been installed over another layer of shingles

How many layers of shingles can a roof have?

New current code allows only 1 layer of shingles.

Do I need to be present during the re-roof?

No, as long as we have your contact information. We will never have to go inside your home. We will need access to your driveway for our dump trailer and the back yard to clean up. We would request that any outside pets would have other arrangements made for or tied up for their safety.

What are the pros and cons of Asphalt Shingles?

Asphalt shingles (composition) have become the most popular of roofing materials used. They offer the best protection for a home, and they come in numerous shapes, colors, and styles. Asphalt shingles typically will protect your house for 20 – 40 years, depending on the quality of material and installation and are generally easy to repair. The quality of shingles will affect how long the manufacturer’s warranty is.

Can my roof be repaired instead of replaced?

It is best to have a knowledgeable roofer inspect your roof when considering to repair or replace your roof. Both the contractor and you should do roof inspection both inside and outside. Signs such as stains on the ceiling, paint peeling off, and shingles missing are an indication that you have roof damage. If the roof is within its lifespan and you aren’t seeing possible damage signs, you may be able to repair or replace those damaged shingles.

Does a metal roof cost more than a typical roof?

Metal roofing is a premium home product so you can expect your new roof to cost more than what an asphalt shingle roof costs. A metal roof is similar in price to tile roofing. if you have a slate roof, you can expect a metal roof to cost less.
Whatever kind of metal roofing style you choose you most likely will not need to replace you roof again. Most metal roofs come with a 30 to 50 year warranty. A metal roof adds to the value of your home, and will save money on your energy bills.

I’m concerned that a metal roof won’t match my home and the roofing style in my neighborhood.

Today’s residential metal roofing is made to look exactly like common roofing material – such as asphalt shingle, cedar shake, clay tile or slate roofing – only stronger and more long-lasting and the finish will match your home exterior style and your neighborhood.