Roofing Process

Each roofing project starts when: you contact us for a free roof inspection.

We schedule an appointment to meet with you. When meeting with the owner, John Frazier, or one of our sale crew let them know what type of damage you have noticed. Once we have inspected your roof, we will give you an evaluation of the damage we find and make recommendations for the solution.

If we feel that you should file an Insurance Claim for your roof we will walk you through the steps for a claim and complete the Xactimate estimate paperwork for you. We will work with your Insurance Company and represent you to make sure you are treated fairly. If your claim is denied by the adjustor, we will give you the option for calling in for a re-inspection and walk with you through the process.

We will file the roofing permit as required by the building codes.   When a new roof is the solution we will file a roofing permit with the Regional Building Dept. We are Licensed and Insured and pull permits for all of our jobs. This gives you the assurance that your new roof will be inspected by a Building Department inspector and verified for the current codes.

Your materials will be delivered and we will notify you of the re-roof date..  In most cases your materials will be delivered to your roof top. If there is no access to your house, your shingles will have to be hand loaded.

As required by code, your old shingles will be torn off the roof. This is to qualify your new roof to be covered by the Manufacturer’s Warranty. The used shingles will be pushed off the roof in one location, usually over your garage into the dump trailer. We place large tarps over this area to protect your house. Please make sure all vehicles are out of the driveway on the day off your re-roof.

The installation of the underlayment and flashing is a very important part of re-roofing. The underlayment sheathing serves as the moisture barrier on your roof. We will install new decking, ice and water shield under all valleys and critical areas off your roof as estimate and code calls for. We also remove and install all new attic vents, pipe vent jacks and valley metal.

Your shingles will be adhered to the roof to meet the manufactures’ recommendation of the number of nails and pattern

After we complete your roof we will clean the perimeter of your house and your gutters. A rolling magnet will be used to collect loose nails

The Final inspection will be called in and performed by a Regional Building Department Inspector.

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